What is XARCADE?

The Xarcade platform distributes video games that are developed based on the NEM blockchain technology. These games are integrated into the NEM blockchain through the use of the Xarcade Software Developer Kit (SDK) which can be downloaded by game publishers from the platform. To learn more about the project, visit our Github page by clicking on the icon below.

What is Xarcade?

Xarcade DSO Information Paper

Send 'em to Hell: A NEM powered mobile video published by Xhai Studios. COMING OUT SOON!

Outbreak: a tron-inspired arcade shooter and runner game published by Synthetic Games.

Xarcade is a NEM powered cost-effective video game distribution/exchange platform for both game publishers and gamers to use. It is a game changer and is a cost-less direct alternative to other app stores in the market. Xarcade does not levy game publishers anything for the sale of in-game credits, changing the paradigm, and passing these cost savings to gamers.

Our Mission

To shift the game distribution platform paradigm by making it cost-less for game publishers to use our platform.

To pass on these cost savings so that gamers can have a better user experience and not having to pay more.

To create a new kind of ecosystem for both game publishers and gamers to interact together, where ideas can be exchanged to further improve existing and new games.

How it Works

A game publisher and gamer both sign up to the platform in order to upload and manage their games.

A gamer on the platform becomes part of the gaming ecosystem whereby the gamer can exchange earned in-game credits across different games.

Game publishers can directly distribute their games at almost no costs to them.

All platform transactions will be verified and processed using the NEM blockchain technology in a safe and secure manner.

Gamers will be able to make in-game purchases and convert in-game credits into XAR on the platform.

The games from our platform incentivizes gamers to have the ability to convert their XAR into XEM at the exchange.


Otto von Nostitz, Co-Founder and CEO

With more than eight years of business development experience in the mobile gaming and digital entertainment fields , he is an experienced marketer who as a partner in a Malaysia based consultancy has successfully specialized in bringing cutting edge technology businesses to the Asia Pacific region.

Lon Wong, Co-founder and Head of Strategy

With more than 30 years as a technology serial entrepreneur, he is currently also the Founder, CEO of Dragonfly Fintech Pte. Ltd. a blockchain company, and the President of the NEM.io Foundation, a non-profit organization charged with the promotion of the cutting edge NEM blockchain technology.

Maxim Nawangwe, CTO

Programmer and seasoned developer in the mobile games industry, currently focusing on software engineering and his passion for blockchain technology. Previously worked on mobile games, digital art installations and VR experiences.


No, Xarcade is not conducting an ICO. We are conducting a "Discounted Sale Offer" (DSO). Xarcade is not raising money and is only selling its services ahead in a pre-sell offer of Xarcade's XAR. Xarcade is selling XAR at a discount so that gamers can make use of it to buy more in-game credits for the same XAR that will be sold later.

An ICO is about raising money and giving promises of return of investment. This mode is bordering regulatory requirements in certain countries.

A DSO is not about raising money. It is about the pre-sell offer of a service or product where it can be consumed in one way or another at a later date. Hence it is a sale and not about raising money. In our case, it is a discounted sale.

We are not raising any funds as we are not doing an ICO. This is a DSO and therefore, our next "roadmap" is to launch the platform.
XAR is a mosaic. It is a smart asset and sold as a consumptive token.
Xarcade is selling a value which is consumptive in nature where XAR is not expected to give anyone any profit or purport to generate any profit.
Normally, each XAR is worth equivalent to the cryptocurrency valued at EUR 1.00.
We need it to be tied because game publishers would like to recieve predictable revenues.
Xarcade will get to list XAR in some exchange and get them traded for XEM or BTC.
Yes, the publisher can convert XAR from his sold in-game credits at the exchange.
Yes, one will be able to trade in-game credits and XAR both ways on Xarcade.
Yes, every in-game credit and XAR can be transacted from within or without the XAR platform and from any address.
Yes, using XAR is the only means by which a gamer can purchase both in-game credits and in-game products on Xarcade.
Yes, there will be a feature in place on Xarcade to facilitate the sending of XAR to other NEM addresses.
The NEM SDK provides for the ability to issue and sell in-game credits and in-game products for XAR. The Xarcade platform is tightly coupled with the Xarcade SDK.
Yes, the Xarcade SDK supports all three Operating Systems.
We are not doing an ICO and therefore we do not purport to give you any promises of rewards or bonuses. This is a discount on the XAR that we will sell later at the equivalent of EUR 1.00 in cryptocurrency.

UAB Tadela (Xarcade)

Company registration code: 304708583

Contact: dsoenquiry@xarcade.io