About Us

Xarcade is a NEM powered video game distribution/exchange platform for both game publishers and gamers to use and is a more direct alternative to the other app stores.

Our Mission

- To give game publishers a more equitable share of income generated from their games.
- To give gamers an easy and opportune way to make income.
- To create a new kind of ecosystem for both game publishers and gamers to interact together, where ideas can be exchanged to further improve existing and new games.



How it Works

A game publisher and gamer both sign up to the platform in order to upload and manage their games.

A gamer signs up to the platform in order become part of the gaming ecosystem whereby he/she can exchange cross-platform in-game tokens.

A game publisher can directly distribute their games in a much more cost-effective way as well as removing the "middlemen" entirely.

All platform transactions will be verified and processed using NEM blockchain technology in a safe and secure manner.

Gamers will be able to make in-game purchases and be able to convert game points (tokens) into NEM's cryptocurrency called, "XEM."

The XEM conversion not only incentivizes gamers to keep playing but also provides players with the opportunity to earn XAR game credits by playing games.

All games uploaded onto the platform will include a built-in "NEM client wallet" with QR code functionality which will allow gamers to exchange XEM with fellow gamers.

Gamers will able to convert their gaming points from XEM into Bitcoin or fiat currency.

The NEM client wallet will be available for download from the platform in order for the game publisher to integrate it into their games.


Project Milestones

  • Development & Testing Environments configuration

  • Xarcade e-Shop API for Game Publishing

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Q. Does ICO distribute XAR to purchasers?  A. Yes, it is distributing and a crowdsale of the XAR

Is XAR a mosaic? A. Yes it is a Mosaic on the NEM public blockchain.

Q. Do you need ICO if you can buy and sell with XEM?  A. With regard to your ICO question it is a crowdsale, but discounted.

Q. What is the price of XAR at normal time?  A. At normal times, it is $1 per XAR coin

Q. If I want to sell XAR, who will exchange with XEM?  A. Yes, in response to your question basically the XAR game credit is a gateway token. 
You have to exchange it to get XEM and the XAR will have a constant value.  Xarcade will get to list XAR in some exchange and get them traded as a constant value coin, just like Tether.